Paving my way

I’m moving to London in a sensitive context. The Brits seem to be afraid of the growing number of immigrants, especially Romanian ones. Why are they afraid? They think that Romanians are poor and where there is poverty, the law starts to be ignored.

And they are mainly right, but...

No garden without its weeds.
True to all countries.

All Romanians are thieves, yes. But not all of them steal money. Or valuable objects. And definitely not all of them are poor. On the contrary, some of them are very rich: in knowledge, modesty, perseverance and a lot of other qualities that are hard to find. That’s why I want to introduce you to some ordinary Romanians with extraordinary achievements.

Why kleptromanian?

Challenge accepted

This sensitive context served as my creative brief. Kleptromanian is my solution to it: accept the condition and admit that those who steal are part of my country’s image. Then deny the oversimplification of things. The good thieves are Romanians too and Brits need to get to know us better, flowers and weeds alike.

We just have to decide how we want to introduce ourselves.